Some Tips in Buying a Folding Bicycle

If you compare a brompton bicycle folding and a regular bike, there are almost similar except for the fact that a folding bike has a folding mechanism that makes it very convenient to transport and store. These folding bicycles have become the preferred choice of people who are trying to make the best use of their available space.

There are many folding bicycles available in the market today with different frame designs, wheel sizes, folding mechanisms, and gears. Whatever your cycling profile and needs are will determine what folding bicycle is best for you.

The most important consideration to make is the type of riding your do. People sometimes use their bicycles for leisure trips. Regular commuting to the office or for mountain tours. If you use it for regular commute, it should be comfortable and lightweight and needs to hold up against regular travel. You need a mountain bike if you travel off-road across different terrains.

Wheel size is the next consideration to make. This determines how portable your bike will be and the comfort of the ride. There are many wheel diameters available. The smallest folding bikes have 14" and 16" in diameter. These bikes are made for leisure rides. However, these small wheel sizes are not very stable for doing corners. The 26" wheel folding bike is fitted to mountain bikes and offer the highest stability levels.

A folding mechanism adds to a bike's functionality. You need to consider the frame design and material. The commonly used build materials for folding bikes include aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, and titanium. The lightweight bikes are titanium and carbon fiber. The durables ones are aluminum and steel but they are heavier. Steel is the heaviest type of bike.

Gears are important to a bike's performance because they allow you to adjust the speed. They also make it easier to maneuver the bike in tricky terrains like hilly areas. Non-gear bikes breaks down less often than the geared ones.

Bikes, whatever type you have, need regular maintenance for optimum performance. Bike components such as inner tubes, tires, rims, and other spare parts should be easily available. Otherwise, you will have to look somewhere else to source them or you will be unable to use it until it gets repaired.

There are different folding mechanisms for different tern bikes brands. There is the split fold, triangular hinge, and break away mechanisms. In the split mechanism the bike has a single hinge which allows the bike to be folded in half. You can fold this bike really quick. The triangular hinge mechanism features more hinges and clasps and enable you to fold the bike into a more compact form. This is complicated when it comes to ease in folding. The last needs to be disassembled in order to fold.

Consider these features and factors when shopping for a folding bike. Check this video about folding bikes: